J&L Custom AG brings you the affordable Shur-Lok Junior grain wagon tarp system at even more affordable pricing. Available in 400 and 600 bushel grain wagon sizes, the tarps are durable, easy to use and available with encaps or without. Contact us today for more information and pricing. While we are located in Wainfleet, we are able to ship anywhere in Ontario.

The economical Shur-Lok Junior operates just like the

Shur-Lok, but the caps are built right into the tarp! One-person operation is fast, safe and easy – you crank the

tarp while standing on the ground.

A specially designed Econo-crank with square key allows for four-position adjustment of the tarp tension. Easy-to-reach straps with bungee cords enable quick release and are readily accessible when securing the tarp for windy weather and transport. Recessed tarp stops wrap the narrow top rails of grain wagons and keep the tarp from rolling off. The plastic protective cap protects the tarp from sharp corners.


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John Sonneveld


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